OWL Distribuution circa 1976

about Brown and Rutherford

Brown & Rutherford was established in 1872 by two industrialists by the name of Alexander Brown and Thomas Rutherford. They started the company as a small planing mill in the early 1870's, the first such mill in Western Canada.

Over the last 140+ years Brown & Rutherford has experienced numerous changes.

In 2017 Brown & Rutherford was purchased by Gillfor Distribution Inc. and the direction of the company changed from manufacturing to distribution of building products.

Brown & Rutherford is a division of Gillfor Distribution Inc.  Gillfor is the parent company of OWL Distribution, Mcilveen Lumber Industries and OWL Distribution Inc., which operate 6 distribution centers and 2 reload facilities across Canada.  For more information about Gillfor please visit www.gillfor.com

Brown & Rutherford circa 1900